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Clawfoot tub tools

Clawfoot Tub Tools

Handle Puller

 This tool is for pulling off old faucet handles that seem too stubborn to be removed! Works like a wheel puller.

The stem goes down into the handle screw hole

Place the grab arms around the handle

Screw to tighten grab arms


Be careful as to not to twist the handle puller as it could break the handle!

Handle Puller      800015


Drain removal tool

This tool Fits 95% of all tub drains and most Pop ups helps installs or removes drains with crossbars. Is made of heavy duty die-cast aluminum and can help prevents scratching of decorative finishes. You can use a a crescent wrench or a large screwdriver turn the tool or hold the drain. This unit can save hours of time and aggravation. It stops the drain from turning while removing or installing or use it to turn the shoe while installing.

Drain removal tool       800222


Smooth Jaw Pliers

 These pliers are made to tighten slip joint nuts on a chrome or polished brass finish. They will let you tighten the nut with out hurting the finish. Note you still have to be careful when using. Made in the USA.

Smooth Jaw Pliers           800210



This is the last tub shoe remover you will ever need. Made in the U.S.A. of heavy hardened tempered steel. Note This WILL tear up the bath shoe to get it out so use it only to remove old rusted in bath shoe strainers BUT it will get it out! Lugs fit inside 1/2-3 1/2 diameter makes one Great extractor Made for plumbing Trucks and people who use their tools.