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Shower Curtain Rings

Shower curtain  rings work well on heavy or light curtains. The  high quality shower curtain needs 36 Curtain rings. All are corrosion free.. With only a  light tug required to open or close the curtain. The roller type are friction-free across your shower curtain rod. And will help keep that finish looking good for years.

Shower Curtain Rings  with Rollers   SOLD EACH   370351


Clawfoot Tub Curtain With Magnets White  370361


Clawfoot Tub Curtain Less  Magnets White  370360


Clawfoot Tub Curtain Less  Magnets  Frosted Opaque 370363


Clawfoot Tub Curtain With  Magnets Frosted Opaque   370362


White Frosted Opaque